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  • Programs | SVPTA

    Programs SVPTA Council offers many programs to benefit our units. Please click on the individual tabs for further information. ​ Programs: ​ Arts Advocacy Advocacy Membership Reflections Special Education Step by Step Guide for Program Submission & the Approval Process at School Sites View the PDF Guide ​ Insurance To get started, you should all email our insurance company AIM, at and request a copy of your unit insurance and ask to have the district named as an additional insured. You will need this and it will be valid for the year. Facilities - after school hours events and programs For any events or programs before or after school hours you can email agreements@svusd,org and they will let you know if you need to fill out a facilities request. Facilities is re-assessing the process and hopes to have something more concrete soon but for now, please contact that email address with all details for after hours programs and events. These also need to be submitted by your principal on the google form. ​ Work closely with your principal and office administrator and you can start planning together. If you have any questions, please reach out to Cindy -

  • Links | SVPTA

    Important Links National PTA Website National PTA One Voice Blog California State PTA Website Fourth District PTA Website Saddleback Valley Unified School District Website Website CAPTA Tool Kit Insurance and Loss Prevention Guide CAPTA Leaders Training Center

  • Arts Advocacy | SVPTA

    Arts Advocacy Studies show arts education not only decreases feelings of anxiety, depression, and isolation but also positively impacts all-around academic performance . As students struggle through incredible loss this year, the arts are not a luxury, they are a tool for recovery . California's Education code promises visual art, music, dance, theater and media arts classes to each K-12 student. "Section 51220" California Education Code 2020 Students with an arts education are 5 times more likely to stay in school, 3 times more likely to get a bachelor’s degree, and 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement. "Arts and Achievement in at Risk Youth..." NEA 2012 Especially important during this time of trauma and upheaval, students need to develop self-management and self-discipline, interpersonal and relationship skills, and self-expression. Numerous studies show the arts support the development of all of these essential skills. "The Connection Between Art, Healing..." APHA 2010 Send a letter to our district and/or board of education in support of art education either from your family or in collaboration with your PTA or organization. Here is a template to draw from but remember to always add your own story to make it more personal and persuasive. Share your SVUSD art story and inspire others! We’d love to connect and hear your story. Fill out the submission form . Join CreateCA and support California’s movement for arts education at ​ Check out your local community theatres, county arts commissions, and museums for more events near you... California Department of Education: California Arts Council: List of California art museums: List of California SF Arts: Arts Advocacy Chairman Sharon H.

  • Upload Docs | SVPTA

    Upload Docs to SVPTA Do you already know our new system for uploading documents? YES ​ ​ Go Straight to Our Google Form ​ ​ Items You Will Need to Upload Throughout the Year View PDF NO ​ ​ ​ Check Out Our Step by Step Guides For Secretaries PDF VIDEO ​ For Treasurers PDF VIDEO ​ For Presidents PDF

  • FAQs | SVPTA

    FAQS INSURANCE * GENERA L * PROGRAMS & EVENTS Insurance ​ Are we covered by our insurance? Insurance will cover all events as long as they meet our insurance guidelines (when in doubt, call or email AIM & verify). However, per my email with AIM, “ Your policy has a pandemic exclusion. There is no coverage for covid no matter where you have the event.” Meaning no coverage will be provided for COVID related issues. It is extremely important that we are following any COVID protocols/guidelines outlined by SVUSD. ​ Will there be an online waivers/digital signing options for Parents through CAPTA? Or AIM? At this time, no, but stay tuned for more info. General ​ Who do I contact when questions come up? When asked questions you don’t know the answer, please bring them to SVPTA President, Vanessa , & she will make sure to get the answers for you. SVPTA will also continue to help communicate information to the community. Please make sure & share our posts/messaging. ​ Can PTA create resource lists for parents & distribute them (ex/babysitters, tutors, etc)? Neither the PTA or school sites should be collecting and/or recommending these kind of resources. This becomes an endorsement/promotion of such businesses, which neither SVUSD or PTA should be doing for many reasons, liability being one of them. There are current resources that are provided through SVUSD, including TLC & the community services group/catalog. Those resources can be shared. Regarding resources, parents can always start their own FB group. However, it should be separate from your PTA Facebook group/platforms. ​ ​ Can our PTA buy gift cards for our school staff members or volunteers? No. Giving a gift card is the same as giving someone cash. In addition, giving a volunteer cash or a cash equivalent like a gift card on behalf of the organization may cause them to be considered an employee or an independent contractor by government agencies. And the IRS considers cash gifts (including gift cards) as reportable income on the recipient’s tax filings. For these reasons, our policies and procedures expressly forbid giving gift cards purchased with PTA funds: “PTA funds cannot be used to purchase personal gifts for staff or volunteers, such as gift cards.” Programs & Events ​ How do we get programs and events approved? Check out our step by step guide - ​ I have questions, who can I contact? Please contact our Programs Liasion, Cindy ​

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