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A Little Bit About Us 

SVPTA Mission Statement​

The mission of the Saddleback Valley PTA is to empower our units, families and community members to become effective advocates for all children.

SVPTA Goals for 2022-23


  1. Strengthen the relationship between unit and council.

  2. Provide council mentors for unit officers.

  3. Provide training for officers.



  1. Share ideas for successful programs and work collaboratively when possible.

  2. Encourage the exchange of ideas and discuss concerns among units.

  3. Encourage and strengthen family engagement.



  1. By fostering legislative awareness and advocacy within all units by educating members on pertinent legislative issues and encouraging attendance at Sacramento Safari and legislative roundtables. 

  2. By encouraging attendance at California State PTA Convention. 

  3. By using Council and State PTA Resources including the toolkit, websites, bylaws, and other sources of communication.

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