A key focus of PTA is advocacy for all children.

We know there are varying opinions and concerns on education related issues. Below are some tools and resources to help you best advocate for your children. This list is mainly for education issues and decisions that are made at the state level.


We at SVPTA care about all of our members and want to hear your concerns. Your voice and opinion on what is best for your student and family is important and should be heard. Please feel free to share this page with your PTA membership. If you have any questions regarding advocacy, please feel free to contact  - Keri Baert,





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Legislator Contacts*

*Please note, if you are writing your legislators, you cannot use your PTA title or position on any statewide issue. You must write them as a parent from their district.

Senator Dave Min


(714) 662-6050

Staff member email: (Lake Forest area)

Senator Pat Bates


Contact Me - Senator Patricia C. Bates (

(949) 598-5850

Staff member email:

Assemblywoman Laurie Davies


(949) 240-7300

Staff member email:


CAPTA Contacts

Carol Green - President

Robin Klau - Vice President Communications

Any PTA district, council or unit may recommend action on legislation to the California State PTA Board of Managers. PTA districts, councils, and units are responsible for taking action on local issues originating in school districts, cities, regions, or counties.

Laws enacted by local, state and national bodies are primary sources of public policy. Securing adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth is one of the purposes of the organization. Therefore, PTA maintains an active legislation program.

PTAs can and must participate actively in the process through which public policy decisions are made.


Legislative Chairman

PTA is a child advocacy association. Its legislative mission is to speak on behalf of all children and youth at the local, state and federal levels. One of the Purposes of PTA is “to secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth.” PTA promotes and encourages legislative advocacy for the education and welfare of all children and youth.

Role of PTA legislation

 As local officers of the largest grassroots child advocacy organization in the state, PTA legislative advocacy chairs are responsible for demonstrating leadership on children’s issues at the local level by educating PTA members, community members and elected officials about PTA’s issues of concern and legislative priorities and goals.

The California State PTA takes positions on issues/legislation based on position statements in the  California State PTA Toolkit, California State PTA convention resolutions, California State PTA Legislation Platform and National PTA positions and convention resolutions.

The unit, council or district legislative chair provides PTA members with information about PTA positions on current legislation and issues.

1st VP of


Keri Baert