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Joining PTA supports local, state and national efforts to improve the education of children and the lives of families. Membership provides the opportunity for individuals to raise their voices with others throughout the state and nation on issues affecting children, youth and families.  PTA involvement helps build leadership, communication and advocacy skills. It provides members with opportunities to participate in an educational partnership with administrators and teachers. PTA members are a valuable community resource for starting and maintaining projects to benefit children and youth.

In a year with less in person attendance, what role will the PTA have this year?​


The PTA remains a valuable source of information for your parents, this includes opportunities to discuss issues with Principals, as well as a chance to learn about developments and changes within SVUSD. This is particularly helpful this year when there may be a lot of change. This happens regardless of whether meetings happen in person or on-line.


The PTA also allows for greater communication with parents and the community. The more knowledge people have, the better they will feel about the decisions facing all of us about their child’s school life.

PTAs will also be needed to support the school in more practical ways. These possibilities include technology needs and possible online programs.


PTAs will continue to support the California PTA and 4th District PTA in their advocacy pursuits on behalf of our children. Funding and support from the state is imperative right now and PTAs play a huge role as the voice of our children. This includes more recent work in improving mental health services in SVUSD, which is critical as children are asked to be flexible with their learning and learning environment.

What do you need to prepare for your membership drive?


Create an information guide or newsletter to send to your parents, outlining why they should join PTA.

Make sure your web store is ready for your membership drive. Many units already have an online store they can use but if not, you have the option of the TOTEM system. 

2nd VP of Membership

Sarah S.
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