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SVUSD Special Education Families, as we transition back to school or stay in distance learning...

September 28, 2020


Tuesday, 9/29/20, is the day we have been waiting for since March, our kids have the opportunity to return to school!!!  As some special education students are allowed to go back to their traditional classroom setting full time, others in hybrid and some that will remain at home in distance learning. I know this was an easy decision for some and a very hard one for others based on comfort levels or your child's specific needs/risks.


I wanted to provide some resources to you as we make this transition in addition to the information you may have received from your IEP team and the district provided to the general education population. 


Tips on transitioning back to campus:

  • Give advanced warning and tools to succeed. Have a discussion with your child...something like, "tomorrow is a big and exciting day but it can be overwhelming too. Remember to use your coping mechanisms (list what makes sense to your child) if you feel overwhelmed". Also, explaining that things may look a little different with masks on and social distancing but everyone is excited to see you (as they may misunderstand social distancing as feeling not welcomed back).

  • Keep as much the same as possible. Whatever your child did before and after a day of distance learning you can try to keep that going for a while until they are comfortable in their new routine. 

  • Answer all their questions. They  may have a lot of questions  (if your child is non-verbal maybe a feeling of confusion so maybe extra reassurance will make him/her feel safe) Do your best to answer them all, even if some are repeated many times.

  • Expect that some regression may happen. At times of change, children may regress to behaviors that may have not occured in a while.  —strive for patience.

  • Stay in close communication with your child's IEP case carrier and or teacher to learn any specifics to the return to school for your particular school, as things may change. Schedule an IEP if needed. Remember you are your child's best advocate. 

  • Stay positive. We have to expect that things will not go perfectly during such a transition so it's best to stay positive, find solutions that work best for your child and reachout for help if needed.


If you have additional resources or helpful tips navigating special education in both the traditional classroom or distance learning please send them over to me so we can share in future communications. 


I hope this helps!

SVPTA Special Education Liaison

Jen Newsome

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