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Special Education

About Us

PTA Special Education Liaisons- We are a volunteer group of parents with children on an IEP who advocate for all children while making sure the schools and PTA have an eye on inclusion. We have a liaison at each school in SVUSD (there are a few open) This role is also the bridge between SPED Administrators, teachers, staff and parents. This is a great person to contact if you have any questions about your child having the most inclusive school experience (outside of academics which would be your IEP Team). Here is an updated contact list and if the position is open at your school email us at

PTA SPED Liaisons

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1. PTA

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2. CAC


Join the South Orange County CAC (Community Advisory Committee) Through SELPA (Special Education and Local Plan Area). Email:

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Website: Community Advisory Committee (CAC) | Educational Services

23/24 CAC Meeting Calendar: 



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Donations help us pay for parent education and community building events. And cookies. Lots of cookies. 


Make a donation to the SVPTA Special Education Advocacy  via check
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Have concerns about your child?​

Find out where to start if you have concerns about your child, or want to learn more about IEPs and 504 plans. 


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SVPTA Special Education Liaison

Kris S.
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