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For PTA Presidents

Step by Step Guide for Program Submission & the Approval Process


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To get started, you should all email our insurance company AIM, at and request a copy of your unit insurance and ask to have the district named as an additional insured. You will need this and it will be valid for the year. 


Facilities - after school hours events and programs
For any events or programs before or after school hours you can email agreements@svusd,org and they will let you know if you need to fill out a facilities request. Facilities is re-assessing the process and hopes to have something more concrete soon but for now, please contact that email address with all details for after hours programs and events. These also need to be submitted by your principal on the google form.

Work closely with your principal and office administrator and you can start planning together. If you have any questions, please reach out to Cindy -

Nominating Committee Basics

The nominating committee is the only PTA committee that is not appointed by the president.

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 This committee is elected by the membership at least two months prior to the election of officers.

Determining when to elect the committee and how many people to elect is outlined in your unit bylaws. Don’t forget to elect alternates, in the event an elected committee member cannot attend a committee meeting.


Most units should be electing the nominating committee no later than January or February for the election of officers in March or early April.

Group Meeting

The committee needs a balance of newer and more experienced PTA members, all of whom should be knowledgeable about PTA and who are aware of qualified candidates, familiar with the qualifications necessary for positions, and are willing to spend the necessary time and maintain confidentiality.


The election of the nominating committee should not be a popularity contest based on willingness to serve nor should it consist of all of the PTA executive board.


The PTA president never serves on the committee, and the parliamentarian serves only when elected to serve. The principal may be elected, but should at least be an advisor to the group. No person may serve on the committee for two consecutive years. 

Tips:  The Do's and the Don'ts

DO: Study carefully the qualifications of members before presenting the name as a nominee.

DON’T: Submit a member’s name as a nominee because she/he is a friend of yours.

DO: Check the membership list to be sure the nominee is a member of the organization.

DON’T: Nominate a person with the thought that it is a good way to get him to join the PTA.

DO: Remember that committee DISCUSSION is left in the meeting room.

DON’T: Repeat what was said in the committee meeting to anyone.

DO: See that the report of the nominating committee is publicized through the proper channels.

DON’T: Report the results of the nominating committee until it has been publicized through the proper channels.

DO: Accept an office yourself if you are sincerely interested in the purpose of the organization.

DON’T: Accept the office if you are only interested in having your name in the yearbook.

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