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Can we use Venmo or Zelle to accept payments? 

No.  These types of apps are peer-to-peer (P2P)  platforms which aren’t developed to serve groups, especially nonprofits like PTAs. A P2P platform’s primary role is exactly that — transactions between two individuals for personal means, like paying a friend back for dinner. Great for individuals, but not for PTAs.

Can we use a debit card to pay bills?

No, you can't use a debit card to pay bills, but you can use online payment systems.  All expenses must be accounted for and reported in the monthly treasurer’s reports. An Authorization for Payment Via EFT/ACH/Bank Bill Pay Services form signed by two authorized check signers must be completed for all Electronic Funds Transfer/Bank Bill Pay Service

Are we allowed to buy gifts with PTA money? 

PTA funds should not be used to purchase personal gifts, equipment for staff lounges and lunchrooms or for furnishings for principals’ offices. Personal gifts include gift cards and gifts for baby showers, Secretary’s Day, bereavements, weddings, or birthdays. If the membership determines that such items are necessary, the individual members can make personal donations to purchase the designated items. These donations should not be commingled with PTA funds.



Are we covered by our insurance?  

Insurance will cover all events as long as they meet our insurance guidelines (when in doubt, call or email AIM & verify). However, per my email with AIM, “ Your policy has a pandemic exclusion. There is no coverage for covid no matter where you have the event.” Meaning no coverage will be provided for COVID related issues. It is extremely important that we are following any COVID protocols/guidelines outlined by SVUSD.

Will there be an online waivers/digital signing options for Parents through CAPTA?  Or AIM? 

At this time, no, but stay tuned for more info.




Who do I contact when questions come up?

When asked questions you don’t know the answer, please bring them to SVPTA President, Catherine, & she will make sure to get the answers for you.  SVPTA will also continue to help communicate information to the community.  Please make sure & share our posts/messaging.


Can PTA create resource lists for parents & distribute them (ex/babysitters, tutors, etc)?

Neither the PTA or school sites should be collecting and/or recommending these kind of resources.  This becomes an endorsement/promotion of such businesses, which neither SVUSD or PTA should be doing for many reasons, liability being one of them.  There are current resources that are provided through SVUSD, including TLC & the community services group/catalog.  Those resources can be shared.  Regarding resources, parents can always start their own FB group. However, it should be separate from your PTA Facebook group/platforms.

Can our PTA buy gift cards for our school staff members or volunteers?

No. Giving a gift card is the same as giving someone cash. In addition, giving a volunteer cash or a cash equivalent like a gift card on behalf of the organization may cause them to be considered an employee or an independent contractor by government agencies. And the IRS considers cash gifts (including gift cards) as reportable income on the recipient’s tax filings. For these reasons, our policies and procedures expressly forbid giving gift cards purchased with PTA funds: “PTA funds cannot be used to purchase personal gifts for staff or volunteers, such as gift cards.”  

Can PTA get the word out about GoFundMe or Meal Trains for members in the community?

Yes, the PTA may get the word out about any and all benefits/fundraisers being held for individuals or families in need or about local charities who are assisting those in need, regardless of who is organizing them.

The PTA may also help with a fundraiser by advertising it and encouraging volunteers, but it cannot be an official PTA activity, and all money collected must go to the organization holding the fundraiser. Checks cannot be made out to PTA, and no deposits may be made to the PTA account on behalf of another organization or family in need.

Programs & Events

How do we get programs and events approved?

Check out our step by step guide -


I have questions, who can I contact?

Please contact our Programs Liaison.

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