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Arts Advocacy


Studies show arts education not only decreases feelings of anxiety, depression, and isolation but also positively impacts all-around academic performance. As students struggle through incredible loss this year, the arts are not a luxury, they are a tool for recovery.

California's Education code promises visual art, music, dance, theater and media arts classes to each K-12 student. "Section 51220" California Education Code 2020


Students with an arts education are 5 times more likely to stay in school, 3 times more likely to get a bachelor’s degree, and 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement. "Arts and Achievement in at Risk Youth..." NEA 2012


Especially important during this time of trauma and upheaval, students need to develop self-management and self-discipline, interpersonal and relationship skills, and self-expression. Numerous studies show the arts support the development of all of these essential skills. "The Connection Between Art, Healing..." APHA 2010

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Send a letter

to our district and/or board of education in support of art education either from your family or in collaboration with your PTA or organization. Here is a template to draw from but remember to always add your own story to make it more personal and persuasive.

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Share your SVUSD art story

and inspire others! We’d love to connect and hear your story. Fill out the submission form.

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Join CreateCA

and support California’s movement for arts education at

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Check out

your local community theatres, county arts commissions, and museums for more events near you...






Arts Advocacy Chairman
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