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COVID-19 Info

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Can PTA hold in-person activities?

We CAN hold PTA events off campus or on campus after school hours (ex/outreach program/art
club/etc), but limited on number of people that can attend (an RSVP system to confirm the number
attending is highly recommended & you must work closely with your principal to ensure numbers meet SVUSD guidelines/protocols). Please work closely with your site administrator/principal on planning any events.

Can we have PTA Programs on campus (art, STEAM lab, etc.)?

We ARE allowed to have PROGRAMS on campus. However, the process for approval has changed.
You must have site admin/principal approval first, then have it submitted to the district & reviewed by the SVUSD school board & approved in their meeting. This means things will take longer to get
started. However, the purpose behind this is to keep our students safe. The board will be reviewing & ensuring that these outside programs are following the same SAFETY protocols as SVUSD.

Are we covered by our insurance?  

Insurance will cover all events as long as they meet our insurance guidelines (when in doubt, call or email AIM & verify). However, per my email with AIM, “ Your policy has a pandemic exclusion. There is no coverage for covid no matter where you have the event.” Meaning no coverage will be provided for COVID related issues. It is extremely important that we are following any COVID protocols/guidelines outlined by SVUSD.

Do PTA meetings have to be outside of school hours?  Kids permitted?

Yes, PTA meetings have to be outside of school hours if you want them to be held on campus. Outside of school hours, we CAN be on campus which is exciting. There cannot be children present at the meeting, however we PTAs can hire school site personnel during the meeting time to provide childcare in a separate room. They will adhere to all COVID protocols & safety measures for the children. 

One great takeaway from the past year, is that ZOOM is a great way to reach all families. Perhaps a good compromise is to have any late afternoon/evening meetings in person, while offering daytime meetings via ZOOM. I do think in person meetings have many benefits & it is important to have that connection in person at least some of the time.


Will PTA volunteers be allowed on campus if approved by school administration?

It is true that Visitors & Volunteers will be limited for the safety of our students. This does not mean
there won’t be opportunities or needs throughout the year. Please work closely with your site
administrator/principals to support these needs, while adhering to all safety protocols.​



Will PTA be permitted to make copies on campus? 

YES, volunteers can come on campus to make copies. Please have your volunteer make an
appointment with the front office via email, prior to coming on campus. All Volunteers must wear
masks at all times on campus.

Events involving food? Does food have to be individually packaged? Can it be more buffet style?
Ideally yes, food being individually packaged is preferred. However, if someone is masked/gloved & individually serving food, this is acceptable. Again, all must be approved by your site


During COVID-19 PTA can still...


        Spread positivity

        Advocate for our kids on many levels

        Keep parents informed as information gets shared with us.  Please ask your school friends to            join our SVPTA FB page  and                      Instagram @svptacouncil


        Ask parents to become PTA members & be a part of something BIGGER!!! Joining PTA gives            you a voice, it connects you to resources for distance learning, mental health resources, it                  advocates important issues including Art, Special Education, Equity in Education & so much              more!!!  If your school needs a simple way for families to join virtually, use TOTEM which is                CAPTA’s electronic membership platform.
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