Saddleback Valley PTA Council serves the schools in Saddleback Valley Unified School District. Our council represents 26 units and falls within the Fourth District PTA, California State PTA and National PTA.  

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SVUSD Update #28: April 19th Info

Dear SVUSD Families,


We’re excited to welcome students back for additional on-campus learning beginning this Monday, April 19th!  As I shared with you in Update #27, the fuller opening will look different at each level and as a reminder,  tomorrow, Friday, April 16, all Hybrid TK-6 students will be at home learning through a full asynchronous day.  


Elementary Schools (TK-6)
Elementary students currently enrolled in the Hybrid model will be returning to school full-time for on campus instruction. Elementary full distance learning will continue.  


Secondary Schools (7-12)
Secondary students currently enrolled in the Hybrid model will be able to return to campus 4 days a week, following the currently established bell schedule.  Full distance learning is still available with our concurrent model and will remain the same.  If you are interested in changing models, please contact your school site directly.  Changes will only be made if space permits. 


Special Education Programs
Please click here for additional information regarding our Special Education programs.


Health & Safety
I’d like to remind all families that we continue to adhere to all health and safety guidelines established by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA). These measures include face coverings required for everyone, daily temperature checks, physical distancing, use of outdoor and flexible learning spaces, air purification systems, handwashing/hand sanitizing stations, and increased disinfecting practices and protocols. All students must complete a self-check for COVID-19 symptoms at home each day before arriving on campus. This shared responsibility is critical to our ability to keep schools open for in-person learning. The student symptom check can be found in English and Spanish


We encourage you to visit the SVUSD website at https://www.svusd.org for additional information and resources, including the SVUSD COVID-19 Dashboard. Additionally, this FAQ (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VT5JVrNQVlc5Ob0OJNVLC_QhCgBw16kjlLRKdDczAlY/edit?usp=sharing) answers questions regarding SVUSD COVID-19 protocols.

You may be curious as to what the classrooms will look like and I’d encourage you to access this folder with pictures from some of our sites that reflect updated classroom set ups.


Finally, I’d like to once again thank our staff for the incredible amount of work they’ve done all year to serve our students, and especially over the last few weeks in preparation for bringing students back for more on-campus time.  They truly are #svusdheroes.


Thank you,

Crystal Turner, Ed.D.

Orange County’s favorite

family arts festival!

36th Annual Imagination Celebration
April 17 through May 30, 2021
(*dates subject to change)

Imagination Celebration consists of dozens of family-friendly arts events & visual art exhibits at locations across Orange County. Most events are free!

See the full list of events here: https://www.sparkoc.com/categories/imagination-celebration/

Join Our Board!

SVPTA is looking to add a Bilingual Liaison and Diveristy & Inclusion Advocate.  If you are interested, please fill out the form here: https://www.svpta.org/join-our-board.

Reflections 2020-21

4th District Winners

We are so happy to announce that out of 24 Reflections submissions to 4th District we had 4 entries who were awarded 1st place at the 4th District level. They have moved on to state and will now be considered to be moved on at the national level.

Check out the winners here: https://www.svpta.org/reflections


Can PTA hold in-person activities?

We all must adhere to current guidelines regarding in-person activities.  Our focus should always be children first & their safety.  If the school sites are not allowing in person activities, PTA should align & not hold in person activities/events/programs.   “WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER”


Can PTA members come on campus?

​Please work directly with your principal, there is a COVID screening process & appointments are required to be on campus/school sites.  It is reasonable for PTA to make an appointment to come pickup mail/utilize the copy machine.  Again, appointments must be made ahead of time (call/email your school office).  Please try to limit how many times you need to be on campus (2 times a month seemed reasonable at this time).

Can the Executive Board begin having meetings in-person?

From 4th District PTA President - That is totally acceptable, as long as they are following all of our local and state guidelines. However, as an aside, I would probably want to make sure that all board members are comfortable with that option. If someone is not comfortable, I would either consider remaining virtual or at least provide an option for that board member to call into the meeting instead. Also, if they are planning to meet anywhere on a school campus, make sure that the principal is OK with it.


From SVUSD - Any meeting would need to be held off campus.  We are not having any in person group meetings at sites even when we return to hybrid due to a number of factors.


From SVPTA President – I understand the want/need for in person interaction.  If your PTA decides to hold in person board meetings, you must adhere to social distancing guidelines (masks, 6ft apart, bring all their own items (chairs/etc).  At this time, I think executive board meetings are reasonable (typically a smaller group of people), I would recommend continuing with ZOOM/Google Meet/Virtual for general association meetings at this time due to the number of participants that may attend. Please reach out directly if you have additional questions about this.


AIM is telling us that we do not have Pandemic Insurance, which basically means if someone gets COVID from a PTA event, the PTA is liable & won’t be covered.  Is this correct?  

It is true that PTAs would not be covered against a lawsuit. That said, it doesn’t necessarily mean that PTA would be liable. Any litigant would have to prove not only that they contracted COVID at a PTA event, but also that PTA was negligent in its practices. Although I am not an attorney, this question has come up with other organizations I serve on, and the general consensus is that if organizations are following the recommended protocols, it is unlikely that the courts would award anyone damages. 


Are PTAs allowed to have contactless events?  Drive-thru events?

Our understanding is that yes, we are able to hold any events that comply with current health orders (i.e. socially distant, outside, face coverings…) But you must work with your principal/school site for permission and procedures.  If the school sites are not allowing in person activities, PTA should align & not hold in person activities/events/programs.   “WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER”



Is it OK to post the documents for the meeting on our website and social media?

Yes, as long as you make sure they are non-editable documents. Also make sure that there is nothing controversial or confidential in the documents. Example: you can list that there are bounced checks from your last fundraiser but do not list the names of the people who bounced the checks.