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  • For SVPTA Presidents | SVPTA

    For PTA Presidents Yearly to do list View PDF ​ How to Upload Documents to SVPTA​ PDF how to guide Google Form (For Uploading Docs to SVPTA) ​ Points Chart View Google Doc ​ Insurance Coverage ​ ​ Pay Insurance ​ ​ Fiduciary Agreement ​ ​ Workers' Comp Online Form ​ ​ Conflict of Interest Form ​ Step by Step Guide for Program Submission & the Approval Process View the PDF Guide ​ Insurance To get started, you should all email our insurance company AIM, at and request a copy of your unit insurance and ask to have the district named as an additional insured. You will need this and it will be valid for the year. Facilities - after school hours events and programs For any events or programs before or after school hours you can email agreements@svusd,org and they will let you know if you need to fill out a facilities request. Facilities is re-assessing the process and hopes to have something more concrete soon but for now, please contact that email address with all details for after hours programs and events. These also need to be submitted by your principal on the google form. ​ Work closely with your principal and office administrator and you can start planning together. If you have any questions, please reach out to Cindy - Nominating Committee Basics The nominating committee is the only PTA committee that is not appointed by the president. WHEN This committee is elected by the membership at least two months prior to the election of officers. ​ Determining when to elect the committee and how many people to elect is outlined in your unit bylaws. Don’t forget to elect alternates, in the event an elected committee member cannot attend a committee meeting. Most units should be electing the nominating committee no later than January or February for the election of officers in March or early April. WHO The committee needs a balance of newer and more experienced PTA members, all of whom should be knowledgeable about PTA and who are aware of qualified candidates, familiar with the qualifications necessary for positions, and are willing to spend the necessary time and maintain confidentiality. The election of the nominating committee should not be a popularity contest based on willingness to serve nor should it consist of all of the PTA executive board. The PTA president never serves on the committee, and the parliamentarian serves only when elected to serve. The principal may be elected, but should at least be an advisor to the group. No person may serve on the committee for two consecutive years. Tips: The Do's and the Don'ts ​ DO: Study carefully the qualifications of members before presenting the name as a nominee. DON’T: Submit a member’s name as a nominee because she/he is a friend of yours. DO: Check the membership list to be sure the nominee is a member of the organization. DON’T: Nominate a person with the thought that it is a good way to get him to join the PTA. DO: Remember that committee DISCUSSION is left in the meeting room. DON’T: Repeat what was said in the committee meeting to anyone. DO: See that the report of the nominating committee is publicized through the proper channels. DON’T: Report the results of the nominating committee until it has been publicized through the proper channels. DO: Accept an office yourself if you are sincerely interested in the purpose of the organization. DON’T: Accept the office if you are only interested in having your name in the yearbook. Need Help? Have a Question? Contact Vanessa - or Catherine -

  • Award Winners | SVPTA

    Award Winners We are part of an incredible community in Saddleback Valley. Our PTA’s play a vital role in engaging our families, supporting our school sites, advocating important issues & being a VOICE for ALL CHILDREN! On behalf of 4th District PTA (serving all of Orange County) & Saddleback Valley PTA, we are so proud of Melinda Heights PTA for being recognized with the Outstanding Unit Award & to Trabuco Hills High School teacher, Lisa Lotito-Byers, for the Outstanding Teacher Award. Melinda Heights Outstanding Unit Award Lisa Lotito-Byers Outstanding Teacher Trabuco Hills High School

  • SVPTA | Saddleback Valley PTA Council

    Welcome! Saddleback Valley PTA Council serves the schools in Saddleback Valley Unified School District. Our council represents 25 units and falls within the Fourth District PTA, California State PTA and National PTA. Latest News Officer Position Slate for 2023-2024 school year The SVPTA Nominating Committee met to consider all eligible candidates for the 2023-2024 school year. On behalf of the nominating committee, we present the following slate of officers for the association’s consideration: ​ President - Catherine Beeny EVP - Olivia Renella 1st VP Advocacy - Michele Sparks 2nd VP Membership - Sarah Strange Secretary - Ashley Grady Treasurer - Anna Huang Auditor - Tina Fellers Historian - Karen Baker ​ ​ The election of officers will take place on Wednesday, March 15 during the council's association meeting. PTA at its heart is an advocacy organization. ​ With ADVOCACY at the forefront of our organization, we have put together a list of resources supporting the importance of parent involvement in schools, as well as contact information to assist you in advocating for your child through local representatives, state representatives & various agencies. ​ ​ ​ Read More Upcoming Events Contact

  • About | SVPTA

    A Little Bit About Us SVPTA Mission Statement​ ​ The mission of the Saddleback Valley PTA is to empower our units, families and community members to become effective advocates for all children. SVPTA Goals for 2022-23 PEOPLE: ​ ​ Strengthen the relationship between unit and council. Provide council mentors for unit officers. Provide training for officers. ​ PROGRAMS: ​ Share ideas for successful programs and work collaboratively when possible. Encourage the exchange of ideas and discuss concerns among units. Encourage and strengthen family engagement. ​ PROMOTE PTA: ​ By fostering legislative awareness and advocacy within all units by educating members on pertinent legislative issues and encouraging attendance at Sacramento Safari and legislative roundtables. By encouraging attendance at California State PTA Convention. By using Council and State PTA Resources including the toolkit, websites, bylaws, and other sources of communication.

  • Arts Advocacy | SVPTA

    Arts Advocacy Studies show arts education not only decreases feelings of anxiety, depression, and isolation but also positively impacts all-around academic performance . As students struggle through incredible loss this year, the arts are not a luxury, they are a tool for recovery . California's Education code promises visual art, music, dance, theater and media arts classes to each K-12 student. "Section 51220" California Education Code 2020 Students with an arts education are 5 times more likely to stay in school, 3 times more likely to get a bachelor’s degree, and 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement. "Arts and Achievement in at Risk Youth..." NEA 2012 Especially important during this time of trauma and upheaval, students need to develop self-management and self-discipline, interpersonal and relationship skills, and self-expression. Numerous studies show the arts support the development of all of these essential skills. "The Connection Between Art, Healing..." APHA 2010 share-your-story Send a letter to our district and/or board of education in support of art education either from your family or in collaboration with your PTA or organization. Here is a template to draw from but remember to always add your own story to make it more personal and persuasive. Share your SVUSD art story and inspire others! We’d love to connect and hear your story. Fill out the submission form . Join CreateCA and support California’s movement for arts education at ​ Check out your local community theatres, county arts commissions, and museums for more events near you... California Department of Education: California Arts Council: List of California art museums: List of California SF Arts: Arts Advocacy Chairman Sharon H.

  • SVPTA Photos | SVPTA

    SVPTA Event Photos 2019-20 Presidents & Principals Breakfast

  • Reflections | SVPTA

    Reflections "Show Your Voice!” ​ That’s the theme for the 2022-23 Reflections Art Program, which has been bringing the arts to life for more than 10 million students since 1969. California State PTA and its members, families and kids are on the forefront of this amazing program, which increases community awareness of the importance of arts in education. ​ 2022-23 Winners Congratulations to our winners and everyone who participated! Award of Excellence winners will move to compete at 4th Distrcit. Visual Arts Primary Award of Excellence Sena Wada- Portola Hills ​ Award of Merit Emery Hawksford- Valencia ​ Honorable Mention Scarlett Saxon- La Madera ​ Intermediate Award of Excellence Aimee Hu- Foothill Ranch ​ Award of Merit Alessandro Martinez- Trabuco Mesa ​ Honorable Mention Christopher Karsaz- Valencia ​ Middle Award of Excellence Denali Linehan- La Madera ​ Award of Merit Sophia Davies- Serrano ​ Honorable Mention Catherine Karsaz- Valencia ​ High School Award of Excellence Nicole Ronquillo- THHS ​ Special Artist Award of Excellence Scarlett Davies- Portola Hills Photography Primary Award of Excellence Andrew Lucas- Portola Hills ​ Intermediate Award of Excellence Tara Daneshfar- Valencia ​ Award of Merit Anusha Ghosal- Foothill Ranch ​ Middle Award of Excellence Denali Linehan- La Madera ​ Award of Merit Kaj Linehan- Serrano ​ Honorable Mention Emma Craib- Portola Hills ​ High School Award of Excellence Amelia Beeny- THHS Literature Primary Award of Excellence Kelsey Olson- Trabuco Mesa ​ Award of Merit Hannah Koreeda- Foothill Ranch ​ Intermediate Award of Excellence Amberlyn Ang- Trabuco Mesa ​ Award of Merit Kevin Puig San Pedro - Portola Hills ​ Honorable Mention Anusha Ghosal- Foothill Ranch ​ Middle Award of Excellence Kaj Linehan- Serrano ​ Award of Merit Sofia Sprague- Valencia ​ Honorable Mention Nivan Sahni- Portola Hills ​ High School Award of Excellence Hussein Hirani- THHS ​ Special Artist Award of Excellence Bianca Mackey- Portola Hills Film Primary Award of Excellence Miles Nguyen- Portola Hills ​ Intermediate Award of Excellence Bella Gonzalez- Portola Hills ​ Award of Merit Nestha Reddy- La Madera ​ Honorable Mention Dylan Fruzza- Trabuco Mesa ​ Middle Award of Excellence Alexander Kwon- Portola Hills ​ Award of Merit Aahan Jain- Del Cerro ​ Honorable Mention Eesha Neeladaran- Serrano Dance Primary Award of Excellence Sanaa Iyer- Portola Hills ​ Intermediate Award of Excellence Anusha Ghosal- Foothill Ranch ​ Award of Merit Reese Johnson- Portola Hills ​ Middle Award of Excellence Shantell Juarez- Del Cerro ​ Award of Merit Ananya Chakraborty - Serrano Music Intermediate Award of Excellence Ayana Sharma- Foothill Ranch ​ Award of Merit Elyse Kim- Portola Hills ​ Honorable Mention Jude Lujan- La Madera ​ Middle Award of Excellence Alyssa Aldridge- La Madera ​ Award of Merit Aritra Chakraborty - Serrano How to Run Reflections at Your School View the Powerpoint Guide ​ Sample entry form to collect submissions at your school. ** It is important that you make a copy first and put your reflections email address on in the forms, others we will receive ALL your submissions. S tep by step instructions on how to copy the sample entry form. All school winners are due to SVPTA by November 7th and MUST be submitted electronically. Look for more info to come on how to submit your winners. ​ If you have any questions, you can schedule a phone or zoom call with Reflections Chair, Caryn, so she can walk you through the steps - Reflections encourages students of all ages to: ​ Unleash creative talents and be inspired Express themselves imaginatively in their artwork Experience the fun and joy of making art Tap into critical-thinking skills to create art inspired by the annual theme Receive positive recognition for their original works of art Click here to see the winners of the 2021-2022 Reflections Art Program. ​ All students attending PTA schools sponsoring the program are invited to participate and submit original artwork in one of six areas: ​ Dance Choreography Literature Photography Film Production Music Composition Visual Arts ​ Artworks are submitted first to school-level PTAs, where they are first recognized, celebrated and judged by five grade-level divisions, while a non-judged Special Artists division celebrates student artists with special needs. School PTAs then choose a selection of entries to be judged by local PTA units, which are then sent on to councils and then districts for consideration. The final artworks submitted to California State PTA by districts are then considered for Outstanding Interpretation, Awards of Excellence or Awards of Merit. Outstanding Interpretation and Award of Excellence entries then go on to represent California in the final National PTA judging round. Forms and Resources Enroll your PTA in the 2022-2023 National PTA Reflections Program for your free digital Reflections kit. Student Entry Packet including entry form and rules, available in English and Spanish Guides for Local Leaders in English and Spanish Reflections logos, flyers and other promotional tools Materials for PTAs Reflections Chair Caryn M.

  • Calendar | SVPTA

    Calendar Download this calendar to you phone or computer

  • Register for Training | SVPTA

    Register for SVPTA training Parliamentarian Workshop/Q&A Registration link coming soon Wednesday, September 22nd 7pm

  • Join Our Board | SVPTA

    Join Our Board SVPTA is looking to add a Bilingual Liaison and Diversity & Inclusion Advocate to our board. If you are interested in either of these positions, please fill out the inquiry form below. First Name Last Name Email SVPTA School(s) that your student(s) attend Which position(s) are you interested in? Bilingual Liaison Diversity & Inclusion Advocate Send Thank you for your interest! SVPTA President, Michele Sparks, will be in touch will you soon.

  • Candidate Forum | SVPTA

    SVUSD School Board Trustee Candidate Forum Tuesday, September 27 7-8 pm SVUSD Board Room Moderated by The League of Women Voters ​ ​ Meet the Candidates Trustee Area 1 Mr. Greg Kunath Candidate Information Sheet Mr. Dan Walsh ​ Candidate Information Sheet Trustee Area 5 Ms. Jenny Richter ​ Candidate Information Sheet Mrs. Barbara Schulmann ​ Candidate Information Sheet Basic Ground Rules for the Candidate Forum There will be no substitutes or stand-ins for the candidates Any news releases about the debate will be handled by the sponsoring organization(s) and sent simultaneously to all the candidates. No campaign banners, signs, literature, handouts, buttons, tee shirts, or other campaign paraphernalia will be allowed in the debate hall until after the forum has concluded. The audience will be asked to refrain from applauding or in other ways demonstrating support or nonsupport for a candidate. There will be no audience reaction shots during the debate, although panning of the audience before and after the debate may be allowed. Candidates will be introduced by full name. Thereafter, "Mr." and "Ms." will be used. The candidates will remain seated at all times during the debate. The candidates will not use props, but may bring notes and use a note pad and pens for taking notes during the debate. Time limits on responses will be strictly observed. A timekeeper will hold cards, visible to the speaker, indicating how much time remains. When the "stop card" is shown, the speaker must end his/her speech within 10 seconds. The moderator will have the responsibility for enforcing time limits. The moderator also will have the authority to interrupt the proceedings to enforce the ground rules and format that were agreed to by the candidates. Questions from the audience will be submitted in writing. The moderator will read the questions. The moderator may restate the question. The candidates will not interrupt one another. No flash cameras and no motor-driven cameras will be used during the debate other than those authorized by the sponsors. Photographers and the press will be placed at a reasonable distance from the candidates and microphones to reduce distractions. Candidates are invited to remain after the conclusion of the forum to speak with audience members.

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