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Timeline & To Do List

  • Have a casual get together with your new board

  • Add new check signers & take off old ones.  

  • Update your website with new information

General To Dos

  • Treasurer should complete the Worker’s Compensation Form online

  • Treasurer should submit membership dues to SVPTA ($5.90 per member).

  • Treasurer, Membership & Secretary should hand off books to Auditor/Financial Review Committee

  • Attend SVPTA Council Meeting on January 17th @ 7pm in the SVUSD Board Room

  • Attend the Superintendent’s Advisory Council on January 22 @ 9:30am in the SVUSD Board Room

  • Submit an application for a 4th District Award

  • Upload docs to SVPTA

At Your Executive Board Meeting

  • Vote to recommend sending members to Sacramento Safari


At Your Association Meeting

  • Elect nominating committee

  • Approve sending members to Sacramento Safari

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