SVUSD School Board Trustee Candidate Forum

Tuesday, September 27

7-8 pm

SVUSD Board Room


Moderated by The League of Women Voters


Trustee area 1 candidates:

Mr. Greg Kunath

Mr. Dan Walsh


Trustee area 5 candidates:

Ms. Jenny Richter

Mrs. Barbara Schulmann

Basic Ground Rules for the Forum


Submit a Question

Question cards will also be taken at the in-person forum between 6:45-6:55pm.

1. Cards (for written questions) will be available between 6:45-6:55pm. Cards will be collected by the moderator or another volunteer.


2. One question per card. All questions should be written so as to be applicable to all candidates. 

3. Questions should be brief and should relate to issues involved with the office that is being sought.

4. Negative remarks, rudeness or profane language are not allowed.

5. Questions that appear to "attack" a particular candidate will not be permitted.

6. The sorter(s) or other League member(s) will sort all questions collected and will follow the following guidelines:

  • Similar questions will be combined, if appropriate, to avoid duplication. Questions may be edited for brevity and/or clarity by the moderator.

  • Inappropriate questions will be eliminated. This includes questions that are not related to the office/subject of the forum or that are personal attacks on one or more candidates.

  • Questions will be chosen that cover a variety of topics

  • The moderator or sorter(s) will prioritize based on their experience, perceived areas of interest in the question by a majority of attendees, etc.

  • There may not be sufficient time for all questions


Meet the Candidates


Trustee Area 1

Trustee Area 5

Basic Ground Rules for the Candidate Forum


  1. There will be no substitutes or stand-ins for the candidates

  2. Any news releases about the debate will be handled by the sponsoring organization(s) and sent simultaneously to all the candidates.

  3. No campaign banners, signs, literature, handouts, buttons, tee shirts, or other campaign paraphernalia will be allowed in the debate hall until after the forum has concluded.

  4. The audience will be asked to refrain from applauding or in other ways demonstrating support or nonsupport for a candidate.

  5. There will be no audience reaction shots during the debate, although panning of the audience before and after the debate may be allowed.

  6. Candidates will be introduced by full name. Thereafter, "Mr." and "Ms." will be used.

  7. The candidates will remain seated at all times during the debate.

  8. The candidates will not use props, but may bring notes and use a note pad and pens for taking notes during the debate.

  9. Time limits on responses will be strictly observed. A timekeeper will hold cards, visible to the speaker, indicating how much time remains. When the "stop card" is shown, the speaker must end his/her speech within 10 seconds.

  10. The moderator will have the responsibility for enforcing time limits. The moderator also will have the authority to interrupt the proceedings to enforce the ground rules and format that were agreed to by the candidates.

  11. Questions from the audience will be submitted in writing.

  12. The moderator will read the questions.

  13. The moderator may restate the question.

  14. The candidates will not interrupt one another.

  15. No flash cameras and no motor-driven cameras will be used during the debate other than those authorized by the sponsors.

  16. Photographers and the press will be placed at a reasonable distance from the candidates and microphones to reduce distractions.

  17. Candidates are invited to remain after the conclusion of the forum to speak with audience members.